Thursday, July 14, 2011

Glory, Glory, Man United!

Holy cow, holy cow, whiskey tango foxtrot!

Last night's Revs / Man United game was AMAZING. Too bad the Revolution couldn't show United the door, on our own turf. The Red Devils kicked the ex Minuteman's asses by a spectacular 4 to 1. By the end of the first half, it was scoreless and then BAM! Manchester was up 1, nil. Once it became 2, nil, the Revs opened the door to a 2-1 gate. This turned out to be promising. All of a sudden, it was 3:1 and then finally 4:1. Where did the last half hour go? Seriously!

Both teams kept up the fight, and it's a shame that the Revs keeper, Matt Reis, got to sit out for the second half. Dude was on point. Complete fire. He sat out, not for injury, but "as a fan". That was the biggest mistake of the night because it's how we lost (in my opinion). But it proved how well both teams could fare in this match and why Manchester is in the top 2 of the Premier League standings year after year. Why they win majority of their matches.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Revs and have a deep respect for them, but I also have a whole hearted respect for the Red Devils. Not for the big players (Becks, Rooney, Ferdinand) but for their history and how well they play. They were the ones who shows us the door last night, and it was worth it. All in all, this was the most anticipated first game of all the friendly matches and I hope Manchester keeps this up.