Saturday, July 9, 2011

...and they killed Babe

I watch too many crime dramas and horror movies. If Peter Falk didn't die last week, I'd say I think we need his "expertise" here.

My previous post stated that the Fair is in town (not the Circus, Dave). I live close enough to walk the 2 ½ miles but far enough that I often wondered why I got bussed to the elementary school and never the high school, when they're the same distance (the fairgrounds are ea few blocks from the high school).

That being said, if what I heard was wrong, then I didn't know I lived in the country. It's 3:17 in the morning for me as I write this. About 20 minutes ago, I got woken up by the most god awful screeching, coming literally, from outside my window. I think it sounded like a pig sacrifice (because I swear I heard the other barn animals protest), but my mother (who heard it as well) said it sounded like perhaps the fox she saw the other day got a little hungry and decided to kill "a cat or something". Either way, the poor animal is officially dead and neither one of us want to go outside in the morning and find what made that noise.

I guess I'll be looking in the local paper for any news stories in the morning relating to dead animals in the night. IF they do a write up; which I don't see why not. They do everything else.

Until then, as I await some carny justice....