Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm driving as fast as I want and can!

So I am out and about today. Currently sitting in the (newish) Panera, combining talents (typing this and watering my garden in Fleck). Prior to getting here, I was on the road doing errands. So I'm driving down the highway, in the "slow lane", mind you, and some woman is literally in my trunk. I'm already going 70 and this woman behind me is feeling the need to ride my ass. I don't know where her emergency was, but if I slowed down, she would have easily hit me. Good thing the next exit was mine, or she would have caused a mid morning pile up. My question is, why is there such a need in this world, that people need to be that close to you? Or, they're in such a rush, that your 5 miles over the speed limit is waaay too slow for them? I'm not condoing the fact that my speed was a tad over, or that there are assholes that feel the need to utilise their cars as NASCAR ready vehicles, but I'm just confused as to why people feel this way.

Give me your hands, give me your feedback. What do you think?