Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New You?

Woot! First post of the year!

Ten hours, thirty four minutes into 2013 and what can be said about what may become (to some) an unlucky year? Maybe we'll all get lucky and win the lotto, move up, move out, get it on with someone. Find jobs, lose weight, get sorted.

Last night was eventful, as we went to a friend's house for "nommy nommys" (aka snacks). Because this is the lovely old peoples state, I was home by 10:30. I was outside taking pictures an hour later, and stayed out well past the ringing of the bells. There were some parties around here, as I heard soo many people screaming like banshees "happy new year!" and blowing those paper horns. I swear, everyone was outside at that moment.

So what will this year do for me? Let's just leave that page blank and see what gets written....


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