Friday, January 18, 2013


It feels like just yesterday I posted a rant about my current ISP. But in fact, it was two months ago, and I'm still having issues.

Yes, I had posted the comment from the spam bot, and I didn't contact them. It's a ruse. It's a false prophet. Comcast is crap.

For the past month, our internet and phone has been cutting out. To the point that we could be in the middle of a phone call and the line dies. I was going to make a post the other day, and my internet shat the bed.

If it doesn't go out at least 10 times a day for twenty minutes, or more, then that's a good thing. We've called tech support, day after day from our cell phones to get this situation fixed and they can be of no service. We finally get a technician out here, and he takes one look inside and says there is nothing wrong. We're good. If anything, it's the wires under the street. End of story, full stop. Not an hour after he leaves, everything goes out. We call it in. He never even reported he was here! Even two days later, it wasn't on record that we got service. Today, another tech comes. Spends a little over an hour here. Gives us a new modem, tells us he doesn't understand, but this should work. Well.... it worked for about 5 hours. That we know of. It went out 20 minutes ago and now I'm back to writing how the service is poor.

Honest to what ever god you want to pray to... if we didn't need a land line phone, we would sure as the day is long, cut the cord with this piece of crap company. No one else in my block has trouble and they all have part or all of the triple play. My mother is so frustrated, that she even said to the call centre that the service is horrible! They all have to play that sympathetic role, and "understand", but they don't.

It's not right, that customers are expected to pay so much money for a service that they can hardly use. The amount of times this month alone, that we got on the internet or used our phone, would probably equate to 3 days total. And yet we pay for this?

Dear Comcast, please pull your equipment out of your ass. Stop giving customers the run around. Stop telling your service techs to only spend 30 minutes on a call, and if it can't be fixed, it ain't Comcast's problem (honest, they think that way). Allow techs time to get to the source of the problem.

Oh, and anyone using Comcast down south, a little heads up: From April to June, they are revamping their service. If you do not have a digital converter box (one of those free Xfinity basic cable/ tuner boxes, or the DTV box that the government wanted you to buy), you're going to be SOL come July. They are revamping their services so that there will be no more analogue signal. A TV not hooked to a box will get no service. Or very little... as in 2 channels. It's their "way of preventing cable theft".

And the remotes that go to the tuner: if you have a tv/ vcr combo, the remote won't work on them. Trust me, I asked about it. Their little tuners don't / aren't supposed to work on a combo tv.

/end of new rant, as I want to finish this before the internet cuts out again.