Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't come around much, anymore

I know, I know; it's been a while. I stopped coming around. No, Tom Petty didn't give me a talking to. I haven't been told by Korn that I'm never around. The Cranberries don't want me to linger.

The reason I've been gone is the simple fact that my ISP still sucks. My phone and internet have gone out 4 times today, and it's just a couple hours after noon. Most likely, it will go out as I write this. 

Since the new year, we've had about 5 hours worth of good service. Honest truth. Our telephone and net goes down so frequently, that we've gone through 4 modems, frustrated techs, and had our bill lowered. All in hopes something will get rectified. But alas, a month later, we had to call again, as we do every day. 

Comcast even said they see on record (their grid) how many times everything goes south a day. They are as boggled as we are frustrated. Last week, the modem was off for 8 hours. That meant no telephone service. At least it kept the house quiet and people from calling us, but had I not come home and took a safety pin to the reset button, we would probably still have no service the next day. Or even up to today. I shouldn't have to reset the damn thing several times a day, just to be able to call my friends.

We keep getting the run around every.single.time. we call. They are all to quick to either put us on hold, transfer us to a supervisor or schedule a tech to come pay a visit. How many times can a person come out and test the line, and say we are fine? Considering field techs have a habit of bad mouthing telephone techs and vice versa, I think we are about a bill and new blood pressure medication away from cancelling it all and saying a big old two finger salute to the company. Comcast is nothing but bad juju. 

It's a good thing I don't work from home because not having internet and phone is getting insane. To not have service definitely looks bad on you. To have your provider tell you they don't know, and don't send people, it looks worse. AND, when you call to report it, if it's an outside issue with the wires, the call centre can't escalate the call. They can not send an outside tech to fix things. They can send a person out to check your internal lines, but if the tech finds no fault, you don't get externally fixed. They can't even escalate the problem if they see no problem... even though their call centre sees record of how many times your service gets interrupted. They wash their hands of notifying people.

On a similar job related note, my workplace uses Comcast. They had the same issues we are having. They too recieved no support. So what did my boss do? On our road sign, he put in all capital letters "COMCAST SERVICE SUCKS!" and you know how many people see that a day? Thousands. a few days later, my boss gets a call from a big wig at the company. They got their service fixed. Maybe that's what I need to do?


........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') 
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Comcast takes your money, like all companies do. They hook you in thinking you're going to get such splendid service, and screw you out of luck when you don't. On top of the fact that their call centre people are reading scripts and if you ask a question that is not listed anywhere in their papers, they hang up on you. Happened during one of my calls today. But that is only if you can get a representative who you can understand. Seems like a lot of people (myself included) are calling the company for either new customer sign ups or existing customer issues, and the person answering the phone has an accent so thick and reads their script in broken English, you wonder where you're calling. I'm not being mean or judgmental  Don't take it that way if you are. I'm just saying the truth and what other people have told me recently. 

When can this be fixed? I don't know. But I'll keep blogging about how shit Comcast is, until Comcast can get their head out of their ass holes and make this work.