Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep spamming me, please!


Please, Comcast, take your spambots and shove them somewhere else. At least if you were real, your representative would know how to bloody spell.

Taken from my comments on November 23 2012 (referencing Dear Comcast) :

Hi there! I work for Comcast and I'd like to assist in making sure your concerns are addressed. Kindly contact us at Please include the account or phone number associated with the account. Please include the link to this page too as a pint of reference. 

Thank you, 

Mark Casem 
Comcast Corp. 
National Customer Operations

Yea, what the hell is a pint of reference? Is that a new drinking term? And who the hell will email you with their account information? I don't know you from a hole in the wall and unless you provide ME with more information, you ain't getting squat. Your hacking team can find my information. They have found my friends' info when they illegally download from torrent sites. I've seen those letters saying "tsk tsk, shame on you" and a C&D letter is to follow if you don't stop.

I laughed the comment off, because many other bloggers have had this same canned response. Well, I got it again, in response to my post yesterday:

Hello there!

I work for Comcast and I just want to leave a note and apologize for the troubles you are experiencing with Comcast. 

I'd like to reach out to my local colleagues to get this resolved for you. You can contact me and provide your account info an a link to this page (for reference)if you're interested in my help. 


Mark Casem 
Comcast Corp. 
National Customer Operations

 I'm still not providing my information. You would have seen previously that you wrote me saying you can help. Learn to uncan your emails - "[...] provide your account info an a link to this page". You from the hood, g? I didn't know you were down with the street talk, homey. Suck it.

Mark, your local colleagues won't help, as I have called them numerous times and they don't return my call. I am not interested in your help. You are a bot. It has gotten to the point that when I called one of your locals for help, the supervisor I spoke to, said I called his private number and am not supposed to have those digits. When I stated he called me from that number, he was flabbergasted and said not to do it again (!!). How am I supposed to get help if your company sucks?


Please, for the love of technology people... don't use this company. Boycott it now.


edited to add: and guess what?! As I am wrapping this post up, my internet and phone go out. Screw you, Comcast! Your service sucks!