Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thanks for nothing, jerk



Comcast, you suck.

Your supervising techs are the worst people in the world. Full of run around excuses that they only dig themselves a deeper hole by making an excuse for their excuse.

A tech showed up at my door this morning. Rather, he showed up at the front gate to be buzzed in. I buzzed him in. I went outside to let him in my house. I told him my mother was on her way home. He said okay, and immediately started running his mouth about us and my mother!

I must say, first impressions are key, right? Well his mannerisms and the way he was talking smack, all I can say is go back to the fucking hood, you rat. You are supposed to be a professional example of a business? Yeah, I'll see you on a street corner tonight, when I need to buy some dope.

He just talked, and talked and talked. We don't know each other from a hole in the wall. And yet, the first thing I'm greeted with, is a ghetto swagger and him calling my mother a liar. Out of his mouth "she called my personal number and she wasn't supposed to. I called her last week to tell her I was letting her know I was going to be on vacation in Orlando for the week so she won't hear from me", and he just kept going on about it. Like she blew his phone up cos she is low on drugs. No, it didn't happen like that. The way he claims. He did call us, from a phone number. He never said it was his own private phone. He called to check in and say he's received messages about us having issues. NOT ONCE did he say it was his private cell and he's going on vacation. She called him ONCE on that line and he bitched her out for calling him, saying she called his cell phone, not the office (that's only when he mentioned it... to yell at her for calling it..once). What the hell, guy.

So he's testing the internal house lines. Nothing's wrong. He gets on a phone with someone over at Comcast HQ. I swear to god, impressions are key! All I hear is "yo" and other street slang. Again, this is a professional??

I know, knocking Comcast is unprofessional of me, but dear readers, this is just a fair real life instance when the public needs to know companies aren't the bubble gum and lollipops you see in their ads.

Meanwhile, dude is on the phone, explaining there's nothing left for him to do, he's moving a book case we have, so he can get to the modem. I'm over hearing that he's tried everything, he's "at wits end", and he's done. The way he was going on, I thought for sure

Cut line - internet went out as the tech is here and outside. Don't give me the excuse "I don't know what you're talking about... it's fine when I'm here"!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the way he was going on about giving up, I thought he was just going to tell us to take a leap. Let me say this, we are about to tell them the same thing.

He gets off the phone with HQ, calls a local line tech for the area. Explains to the line tech that they were watching our connections back at base this morning and saw everything was low. Has the line tech noticed any outages around this area lately? The tech's answer was no, so there really was no substantial reason as to why our service cuts out.

So excuses come. He tells us that it's one thing to have everything cut out when he's not here, but every time he or another tech shows up, the things are fine. Well, as I'm writing this, it proved lines are not working, for me to have lost service!!

We tell him what happens when we call Comcast. They can tell us the exact time and date the service cuts out. And it's not so intermittent as this guy is claiming. He claims that the service cuts out between the hours of 8 and 12 in the morning, and 6 and 8 at night. B U L L S H I T. It cuts out all freaking day. We said he only sees things from one vantage point. He needs to call his people and have them read off the list of how many times a day it goes out and when, and he will see that it's not just in the morning or just at night. He stood there, waiting for us to call, like so the call center can call our bluff to prove we are lying. We wanted him to call, so we're not trying to sway them or anything. What happens when the modem cut off for 8 hours the other day? We lie, according to him. I said I have to reset that modem at least 4 times a day. I am exaggerating, surely! He doesn't believe us because based on the evidence in front of him currently, we lie. He's running circles around us in excuses as to why Comcast service rules and the issues we are having aren't that bad. We said we talked to neighbours and they all say they are not having problems. So he asked if we know what their service is, and we admitted we don't know. So he goes "well, then you have yourself a moot point because if they only have TV from us, they are getting great reception, even if you currently don't have telephone". Mix that with your pot and smoke it! He kept saying that if people around us have noise in the line, like if they only have TV and no other package, and something happens to them.. like they turn on the TV and there's noise, we could lose our service. What is this "noise"? All I can say is screw that noise you're on, guy. You just don't want to send for help.

I swear, all I heard out of his mouth was "it's not me, it's you" excuses. How many times can he give the run around saying there's nothing he can do, and although he can escalate it, there's nothing they can do. My mother told him that if nothing gets fixed, we are taking our services else where, and he said that's perfectly fine... like it's no hair off his back.

After dude comes back to us, he tells us he "thinks" it's a line issue. "Bad Port". He thinks... cos like these techs say about call centre "they don't know what they are talking about". This guy is 80 per cent most likely not trained to do half his job, including checking the outside line. What do they pay you for, man? Oh yea, to run your mouth and blame everyone but the service.

What happened to the sales people that want to work with you? Yeah, you can sell them the moon for the price of admission, but at least they will make the attempt and not tell you they are done and what you're experiencing is too little to worry about.

git r done....