Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...Getting better all the tiiiiime!



Not only does the spam bot keep filtering his way into my posts (yes, I'm calling you out as a spam bot, Mr. Casem), Customer Service called today to close my claim and make nice.

First off, last night's entry led to another wonderfully apologetic comment from our favourite troll:

I just wanted to help and I did not mean to intrude. I have helped many customers in the past by reaching out on the internet. If you change your mind, I am here to help. 

Again, I apologize for the trouble and please excuse the typos. 

Best regards, 

Mark Casem 
Comcast Corp. 
National Customer Operations

From all the queries on the interwebs, Comcast helper, not one post has recommended your service. The bloggers and commentators, speak no good will upon your name. So your intrusion is not helping. It just makes matters worse. I can not "excuse the typos" as all correspondence (by you), makes me think you are a scripted entity, only serving a hacking nuisance. I have stated in previous entries, that no one person is exempt from their grammatical errs, including myself. I do take liberty in changing names to help protect the person a bit, but when you post comments on my blog, you get all your laundry dried. The email address you provide does not go directly to you. It goes to a call centre of an email account, where any number of people may answer a question. Whether or not it's the right response is completely up to the script of the day.

And speaking of our daily scripture, thank you customer support for leaving a kind word on my home phone. I understand how desperately you want my claim closed, as there was a lineman out on the street yesterday, who, like the internal techs, claim no fault with Comcast wiring. My house must have some bad juju placed on it. Therefore, claims division, I am not calling you back, as we all know Mr. Murphy and his sodding law states: "if anything can go wrong it will". Thusly naming my case closed, will sure as sheep cause more of a domino effect on my service. Sure, my telephone and internet didn't go out today, but what do I know? There was no human being in the house to check! People have lives and no one can be here 24/7. Service could have blipped at 1 this afternoon for all we know!

Therefore, I still claim to my theory that Comcast service sucks. Even talking with some neighbours, an affirmation was made, on behalf of how crap the provider is. We all agreed that no matter what we do, where we do, who we talk to, or what we say, the monopoly of Comcast is here to stay.


Happy day before Valentine's Day! All the single people out there... go on, get wasted! Don't let Hallmark and florists on demand steal your money! You're right by staying alone (and I'm there with you!).