Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ah yoo a nahc?

No... erm... I nicked that line from The Heat. But it's really Ayuamarca.

Having just read book one of "The City" trilogy by Darren Shan, Procession of the Dead: 1 (The City trilogy) I felt like I needed an update into my blog. The story brings you quickly in to a fictitious underbelly of gangster ruling. Just like any other mob books. But this has "history"....not of New York or Jersey. Shan built this adult novel around Inca ideas and thoughts. Having stated in the beginning, he uses months and names as the titles for his chapters. Some of his characters also deal with their pre Columbia American roots (aka parts of modern day South America).

The focus is a new underling, Capac Raimi. The story starts by Raimi stepping off a train to meet his uncle Theo, and as his time progresses in The City, the story finishes in a whirlwind of sex, questions (both answered and unanswered), drugs, booze, killings, and a quick rise to the top of an elevator shaft. Not ruining it for those who like to delve deep into suspense, murder and mob rules, Shan did the adult fans justice by writing this novel.

I was already a fan of him, as it was, because he happened to write a book series for young adults. The series was of vampires who don't sparkle. Instead, they joined a tent show (among other things). I've yet to read the other YA books he writes, but I do have to give Mr. Shan credit. His stories are addicting and very well thought out. Number one best sellers for quite the few of them. I look forward to snagging other editions.

Therefore, I'm about to start volume two, Hell's Horizon (The City), so I'll let you know in a few days how great this is (then it's off to the last of the series, City of the Snakes).


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