Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not so recommended!

Everyone has their allegiance to specific brands. Each brand meets a certain need. When some people think of vacuums, they immediately say "Dirt Devil", "Electrolux", "Hoover", and "Dyson". Given the generation, you get a different "omg! I love my [enter name]!!! It's a MUST for my daily lifestyle". Unfortunately for me, I'm finding the cheapy name brand suctioners, are you get what you pay for.

My room is the only room in the house that has carpet. It's not a huge room that needs an industrial dirt sucker. I need something simple that can hide in a closet and I can pull out, plug in, and go, for when I need it.

I first bought the BISSELL Featherweight Stick Vacuum. I had used it up north before we moved. The more I think about it, the more I want to say I bought it in college to suck away nasties in my single dorm room. At any rate, it worked for all of a minute. The better part of the machine is the crevice adapter, so you can get corners better. Otherwise, I have found this Bissell really doesn't serve the purpose. It pushes and pulls dirt  / every day life, rather than suck it in its (bagless) internal tubing. It's light as all hell, can be dismantled into a hand vacuum, but when you've got a room to clean, you're not going to want to be on your hands and knees. Based on the crevice adapter and entire lightness being the only pieces that's great, I rate the entire sucker a 2.5 out of 5 stars. And that's being nice.

When I moved down to Florida, I knew I had to get motivated and get a "better" vacuum. I started working at a big box retail, so one of the first purchases I made was the Dirt Devil Swift Stick. Great! New vacuum and a reliable name! Nope. Worked for half my room and stopped grabbing shmutz. Unlike the Bissell, The only thing this does extra, is have the crevice adapter. No hand use. But it too is light and tiny. Again, like the one before, it moves everything around. Sure, you can see some things cycloning in the (bagless) inside (which is a cool feature), but there shouldn't be more dirt and grime on the floor than in the vacuum. 2.5 out of 5 stars, for the cyclone feature.

In all, both are good vacuums, only if you need to do a small patch of room. A shakeable rug or quick cleanup. I have to do a dust before I vacuum, use both dirt picker uppers, and then get on my hands and knees to pick up all the nasties that didn't end up in my trash can. Considering I picked up more dirt, hair, rocks and such in my hands, I find it's easier to just do that, than to waste energy plugging machines in. Either that, or I need to buy something more expensive that can actually work.


** disclaimer: I'm not giving these brands a bad reputation or a bad game. I feel these two vacuums could be better used if they weren't in a medium sized room. Great on door mats and all right on hard wood floors. Not so good on carpets.