Friday, November 15, 2013

If the price is right...

Lately, I've been on a transfer kick. I've been transferring all my old home movies on VHS to DVD. It's one of those moments in history, where I'm going through all the old recordings I did for the clubs I belonged to in college, all the family tapes from eons ago, and I just don't have room for them anymore. The clunky video tapes are just too cumbersome in a tiny entertainment center.

Therefore, I had invested in the Sony RDR-GX257 Recordable DVD Player with HDMI Upscaling. ()

Unfortunately, as it's several years old, it is no longer an available product to buy new. That's not to say it was a poor product, like all electronic equipment, they seem to become "no good" due to a minute error, six months down the road. Or, there is a better version made, all together.

However, the Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player. () seems like a better adjustment, although it looks like you're losing front LCD panel display for the ability to record on multiple DVDs.

The one I had bought was probably back in 2008. I had mainly used it to play regular DVDs, as well as transfer the occasional VHS. When I moved from Massachusetts to Florida, things became not so easy to hide and store any more. Out comes the video player deck, a 25 Disc Spindle of DVD+Rs (by the way, this takes plus Rs. I have tried with -Rs, and had many issues. The new machine may take both, but I can not be the judge of it, as I haven't tried it).

The VCR I have hooked up, like the Sony player, is an older model. The Magnavox Philips MVR430MG21 Video Cassette Recorder Player VCR VHS HQ has lasted me for what seems like decades, but I probably got it in early 2002. So not a full eon yet. It's got to be great if it has lasted me so long, right? I am sure there are other places to find "newer" models - ones that are still on the market and available for new purchase.

Whatever style you decide to buy, you will need an RCA cable to go from the VCR to the DVD player. However you hook it to the TV is up to you - HDMI or RCA. Depends on how old school you are. I must note, that the VCR I use, does not have an HDMI port, so you must use the RCA outlets. The Sony recorder I have, can use both, however it does not have an auxiliary cable port to record cable TV (where as the VCR does).

All in all, my friend calls me a neo luddite - I am not a big fan of technology. As proof of so many times I've voiced opinion about the new fandangled machinery presently available. I like what I like, and use what I know. I am not afraid to try something different, but am stuck in some of my old fashioned ways. I like to suggest new things I try, but also hope to give ideas of what to use in other ways. Today was one of those days when you need a project to take your mind off things. Converting old tapes are a great way to reminisce about your past, live for the future and love the time you spent doing those stupid tricks thinking they were super cool.


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