Thursday, November 28, 2013

What are you thankful for?

As I sit here drinking a freshly brewed Green Mountain Coffee - Island Coconut and wearing my Nick & Nora Sock Monkey Slippers (with long pants and a long sleeved shirt so stop perving. It got to 40 degrees last night in Florida), I have a slight ear to the oven. Starting to cook early today, preparing for the ever mighty American Feast (aka Thanksgiving). I am reminded of holidays past and wish to know holidays future.

Frost and condensation on the window!

Sock Monkeys: Yay!

I've spent many years making routines (like watching Absolutely Fabulous and Carnivale), making plans (driving by myself to someone's house in another state), and all get blown away by some form of happy accidents... surprise visits from friends, drunken family sing a longs around a piano, NFL games on a small screen... the list goes on. The older I get, the less quality time people are giving each other. Every one has their own families now, branching out to make their own memories. Less time is spent around a television (even thought it's as big as a wall) and there is more time sitting around wondering where to stop first as stores open early tonight. Those stores will stay open for the next 24 hours and continue to be maintained and lit until there are no more products.

The days of rushing home to be with people and stay with people are gone. Society has become a need and greed place. They want the biggest deal, on one of the biggest days, and can't even see that everything they have is right here at home. Some people don't have families to go home to, so the ones that do, should be lucky and thankful on turkey day, because they can have a warm house and a few warm hearts to say hello. For those souls lost in travel or have lost family, unfortunately they have no choice but to look back in anger sometimes. They do their stuffing at fast food joints - places that are now catering to being open today, just for those who may want to get out. What happens to those workers who want to be home? So many people lately have been in uproar - it's okay to close for a day. You need to think about those people too. Big businesses are too busy trying to rake in money, that the "low (wo)men on the totem pole" are screwed. Working in shifts is good during the week, but how can you have a proper get together if you are worrying about getting ready for work? It's not fair nor is it right. But that's the price we all pay for wanting the biggest deal...

Winding down, I just want to thank the lovely readers of this blog, who come from all over the world to take in a piece of randomness. Those linking me to porn sites (of all places... thanks for the laugh), chat rooms, anything else... Don't think you're unnoticed. Have a good time today, and if you're celebrating the turkey, eat it up!

Another sunny morning in Florida!