Monday, December 23, 2013

You're killing me, smalls!

There I am, at a red light the other morning, listening to a random hip hop station. It was the first thing that came on after 'scan' that didn't have Christmas music. Well, I found the tail end of Jay-Z's Tom Ford. Threw me through a raver's loop! I didn't know whether I wanted to go wild and dance at a drag bar, or go home and play Super Mario Bros for Nintendo.

I swear, my first knee jerk reaction was "I know I heard the bounce beat at a few drag shows... like it belongs in some rave scene". No offence to any readers who go out and participate - I used to frequent a lot of the bars up north with friends of mine. I miss it! The second knee jerk reaction was "is he sampling Mario? It sounds like the blip blip of Mario going down the green pipes in level one to get more coins...". Honestly - check out the Youtube link here. Tell me they're not similar, and I'll leave it alone. Thirdly, although I'm not a big Hova fan, my diamonds aren't up, but it sounds to me he's trying to show the young'uns a thing or two about their drug usage - "I don't do Molly but I rock my Tom Ford". I get Miley likes to do her Molly, but Mr. Carter, please enunciate your "Tom Ford" a little more. It sounds like you keep saying "Time For". I kept asking myself why does he keep saying 'time for'? Upon research, he's saying Tom Ford... oooooohhhh.

If anyone else can shed some light on the subject, let me know. What's the obsession with Tom Ford, and why should I be (or not be) taking Molly?