Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey, smell my...

Air freshener!

I bought a little gingerbread man air freshener recently, as part of a 75% off Christmas sale at one of the local grocery stores. Through the power of online searching, I also found that it's sold regularly on Amazon, and quite well, too. 18 positive reviews for this powerful gingerbread smelling man (it's got to be a man... he's got a plaid scarf, two big white buttons, shirt cuffs and pant cuffs, and carries a [candy] cane. Unless it's some woman in drag... it's a boy.... right????).

I originally had him hanging in my closet, but with no proper air circulation, he's too cute (and honestly, the smell is too over powering for a small space) to leave hidden from view. So out he goes, and is hanging out on my light (yes, that's an IKEA lamp he's playing on).

Hangin' tough?

I do have to admit, the smell is great, but it can be over powering when sitting next to it for a while (like my desk is, to where he is on the lamp). It's a little headache inducing, if you're not used to the high potency (what do they say about "small packages"??). He's better suited to hang somewhere more open, or at least put on a table where he can stand and air out. Don't get me wrong, I like this little guy, but he's not so hot to be trapped the corner.

My suggestion, should you get him, is to put him in an area that has good walking traffic and good air vents. You don't want you or your guests complaining of nausea headaches (or, if you're like my friend who's allergic to cinnamon, to immediately leave and never return. Not that I would do that to her, but err on caution. Everyone has some allergy, and this guy has a cinnamon ingredient to him. My friend would kill me if she came over and smelled it!).

Outside of that, the (positive) comments I have been getting is "it's making me hungry" and "it smells like a bakery in here!". Which is a good thing. You don't want your room / home smelling like bad things happen on a regular basis (like those pesky Febreze commercials).

He's "not so clean smelling" in the sense he's not some pine forest or cotton sheets; he's a gingerbread cookie on a cold winter day. Yet... he does the job by making my room smell good.  Will I keep him? Sure, for as long as he wants to stay!


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