Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I just need 10 more ounces

and I got the full 40oz of Freedom!

Ok, maybe I have a Sublime album packed away somewhere in my CD cache, but I currently have a 30oz cup of water in front of me.

Every time I fill the glass, I'm amazed I end up filling it more a little later. Everything gets smashed down and the lemons and limes get more soggy and tart, and yet, I still slowly sip my way through it all. 

I'm a recycler when it comes to these plastic iced cups I get from the java chains. The larger the cup, the more I reuse it for water. A couple times a month, I end up throwing the cup out and getting a replacement, as the cup becomes old and worn. The non filtered water here leaves calcium deposits on the cup, if not cleaned properly, so the cup looks dirty and unsanitary. More reason to go get a new drink... new cup! 

Not that I need all the added sugar or calories, mind you, but sometimes those fruity icy drinks are refreshing, and since I've started to re run on iced coffee, large (or extra large) has been helpful on the thirst (and bad on the wallet).

I've been doing a lot of "on demanding" on my Roku lately. The more I watch, the more I realize there is more to this device then I first noticed. For example, every month, the activation code for the channel (apps) expires. That means I have to go online and re-activate the channel, with a new code. Therefore, I have to sign into my Comcast email, sign on to the app site (i.e. HBOGO), and enter whatever code they give me. 2 minutes later, the channel is up and running and I'm watching what I wanted to binge on for the moment. I don't have Netflix or Amazon streaming, so I can't comment on whether or not those apps need updating. I've only been watching "basic" cable or HBO / Showtime. I still think it's cheaper (and easier) to have the streaming device, than pay for a lot of separate deals (i.e. "renting" another $10 cable box every month) just to watch two premium channels. Since I subscribe to a package deal with a "reasonable" rate [locked in price for a year], I can get the premium apps for free on the Roku. Just add the Monoprice Select Series High-Speed HDMI Cable and I'm good to go until the lease is up on the cable deal.

Be good to yourselves... Catch ya later...