Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Someone drank the conspiracy kool aid?

July 12th is upon us! Amazon Prime Day has officially begun, with deals every few minutes to hours. Some are great, some are ok, and the rest that are in between, can be a hit or miss. Just depends on what you're looking for.

I happened to have found a book the other day, that I've started, called The President's Vampire. It's book two in a 3 book series* by Christopher Farnsworth. I happened to pick it up, not knowing it was the second title in the series (this is what happens when you shop after market stores). I am about halfway done with it, and truth be told, this book can stand out on its own. There are little hints from the first book, Blood Oath, but not enough to make you stop reading.

I just think it's funny, because the way this book is written, it feels like Mr. Farnsworth drank the conspiracy flavored kool aid. As in, he is on the same Reptilian Agenda road that a certain grey haired Brit and his pals want society believing in and against. Add a vampire that has a shred of President Lincoln's blood in him, and you have yourself over 300 pages of "this shit can't be real... can it?".

The "exact" synopsis (courtesy of Amazon):
For 140 years, vampire Nathaniel Cade has been bound to protect and serve the United States of America. When an ancient evil is resurrected, the President's Vampire and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must track down its source. The prime suspect is a shady private defense contractor who may be dealing with powers far deadlier than any mortal weapon. So it's up to Cade and Zach to drag the forces of darkness into the light..

I like conspiracies, I like science fiction, I like vampire hunting. Who doesn't? Sometimes, there are some nutso theorem that are so outlandish, it falls right into the sci-fi lap and people eat it up. Based on all the reviews of this series, I can see why. Farnsworth writes well, and has made some great fictional accounts on how the American Government needs to continue handling their business with the War On Terror. Leave it to a bloodsucker to get the job done, and you got yourself a deal.

I may seriously be buying the other books by the end of the day, just to play it safe and be able to see what I'm missing.

The only problem becomes...  if Jimmy Hoffa gets found, we're all in trouble. We're going to Hell in a hand basket if he's found alive.

By the way: I've got some extra tin foil, for those who need new hats...


* Four books, as there's a 52 page shorty called The Burning Men.