Tuesday, July 5, 2016

You know it's July when..

... Shark Week swam past in a blaze and you start seeing adverts on the TV for the MLB All Star Game. Not that I'm a baseball fan, mind you, but I happened to be watching something the other day, and I caught my first ad for the week long game.

But the "better" way to tell it's July? As of today, July 5th, "Amazon Prime Day is just seven days away". I think I'm getting more emails about that, then anything else.

Every day leading up to Prime Day, Amazon has "daily deals" (including a few days after the day). For example, there are two Tuesdays (today, July 5, and the upcoming July 12) where Prime members "in the U.S. can save up to 40% on a Kindle Unlimited membership".

Makes me glad I have the Kindle Fire (7"), but the downside is the fact I don't have Prime. I've not filled my space up yet with books, as I'm still reading paperbacks. I've accumulated a few easy reads in Kindle form (both free and otherwise), but not enough to jump over to the e-reader side. From what I've seen with the downloads, it goes pretty quickly when you're on Wifi. All you need to do is set up your Amazon account online (I'm using a PC), find the book you want to read, select Kindle Format, and an option to "download to Kindle" or "download to Kindle app" appears. I've got the Kindle App for my computer, so I'm putting the book in both places. That way I can attempt to read on my laptop as well as the tablet. The books are very legible, and not pixelated (I originally thought trying to read on this tablet would be hard). I can't speak for other applications like games or video, but the "brochure looks nice". From what I've also researched with this, you can tether to your computer for more functionality.

Slowly but surely I'm getting more into the techno savvy world. It's still hard to admit defeat, but at least I'm trying to give it a go. Will I eventually join the club and embark on a tablet solely for my reading pleasure? Who knows; maybe I may just have to. 

Time's up for 'net usage at this minute (sorry to cut it short... errands are calling). Stay cool this week; I know it's been hot and humid in a lot of places. See you on the next check in.


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