Sunday, December 25, 2016

I've been down this road walkin' the line

Title from the song:
Vonda Shepard
off the Ally McBeal soundtrack (or off The Radical Light, whichever you prefer*).

Well, the decorations are still slightly sleeping, but the kids are wide awake and heartily opening their gifts. Me? I was outside taking pictures of the day.

It's a cool 70 degrees right now, but according to The Weather Channel, it's going to hit 87 at some point.

It did rain for all of a minute around 5 last night. A "welcome to Florida on Christmas", perhaps?

I didn't do any major editing, and both the video and photos were shot on my iPhone 5S. I edited the video with Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate (there's an old version listed, as there are upgrades Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate [Download] and Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate is being promoted). 

Last night I went to a friend's house for some supper and games. She must have had at least 24 people there and I was the youngest person (despite her saying there were two people who were within 5 years my senior). Still makes me the youngest! Otherwise, the ages started in the mid 60s. Fun times! 

Between the typical fare - ham and turkey, there was also lasagna and various forms of mashed potato (sweet and regular). Green bean casserole, baked beans, cranberry sauce, and so much more food, this woman is going to have food for days, There may have been two dozen people having wine, beer and other mixed drinks, but there was enough to feed everyone to be able to bring home plates for their family. It was still great and fun, as the games were played well in to the night (the group I went with didn't stay too long; we left shortly after Bingo and dessert). 

I got some pictures of the house decorations, but I'm waiting on my friend to give me the OK to post them. It's nothing fancy; an entire city in model form. Something like the Department 56 city, but not set in New York (the North Pole, according to some of the streetlight banners in the models). There were so many sections, I'm sure it takes a solid week to put it all together. I saw a car driving down an icy winding road, a couple of freight trains on tracks, Santa in a house, kids sledding, various snowmen, churches and street lights. It really was so cool. There's such an investment in it, to only have it up for Christmas. It's one of those things where I think it should have it's own room in the house and be seen all year round. 

The pictures I can post right now are just some of the houses from last night - decorations and such.

I didn't get a "great" picture of the Hula Santa in his flip flops, but he also moves. Maybe that's why it's not 100 per cent. Plus, I was across the street and a house down when I took it (I ended up cropping in, in Photoshop). The photos with the penguin and Saint Bernard, I was able to get "closer" to, to get the full spectacle. St Bernards are big fellas anyway, and this inflatable is no different. I was so shocked to see it the other day, in daytime, that I knew I had to take a picture at night.

It's amazing what people put in their yards during the holidays. Outside of the various hanging lights, people are definitely creative with their yard art. I am going to go out tonight again and see what else I can get, but there's another house that's next to the back gate of my community. As you sit at the gate, waiting for the arm to go up, you look to your left. The house immediately on that corner, has an inflatable Santa. From the side of the street, "it looks like a penis" I was told, and when you go to the front of the house to see the entire inflatable, "you have to walk through his vagina legs!". Both comments actually came from my mother. Thanks for that visual, Ma. There really isn't any great way I can describe it, but by making sure I go out tonight and take a picture.

Last but not least, I forgot to add some pictures yesterday. We pre-made latkes for Sunday Brunch (so all we would have to do is reheat and not smell up the house this morning). All we need is sour cream and apple sauce, and we've got a party.

Be good to yourselves and see you on the flipside


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