Sunday, December 25, 2016

"You're drunk, Santa. Go home".

Last post of the night. I don't think I've posted this much, in a very long time. If only I kept up those other entries...

Anyway, as promised from earlier, I got some more pictures, including the Santa inflatable one must walk through in order to enter the house. Some of the photos didn't come out as I anticipated, but it's the nature of figuring out my camera.

Coke bears?

I didn't know we were in Arizona...

Go home, Santa. You're drunk.

Fake lit palm tree next to a real lit palm tree. Weird!

Olaf, meet Santa. Santa, meet Rudolph

It's too warm here for that outfit!

Walk through his vagina legs?

"Omg... it's a penis!"

Follow the dimly lit road!

(be)Cause I've got to have faith....

... Baby!

RIP George Michael... 1963 - 2016