Saturday, January 14, 2017

Git - R - Done...!

I had one of the best laughs of the morning today. Here I am, trolling the interwebz, looking at job postings, and what do I see? An "Operations Manager / Cider Master" for a cidery in Massachusetts. It was click bait solely based on me wanting to see what the job description was (the site I was on has an option to preview the first line of the vacancy posting). I know someone who might be interested in it (not me, but hi SK. Check your email), should it sound like a reasonable job.

The description allows for some explanation of what the candidate will be walking in to, in regards to the business; however, the way it was written, made me chuckle. Considering whoever wrote the advertisement started off on a jolly foot right out the gate - "I hate job descriptions. Do you hate job descriptions? If so, you might be a good fit here", it's almost questionable how decent the job is. Yes, allegedly it's a full time, benefit open / 401K position, but the posting seems like it's going to attract the wrong kind of flies with this vinegar. Don't get me wrong; it's funny as hell to continue reading, but what kind of person is this company really looking for (outside from self starters and innovators)? Especially when the line after the 'I hate job descriptions' says "The ideal candidate will get shit done. They will seek results and efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality, safety, and employee satisfaction"! Get shit done??? Really? Who writes that in a reputable posting?

It certainly did what was needed, I must admit. I clicked on the link, I read that the business is a fairly new sales start up (six years old) and has under 40 people in the company. The job candidate will report directly to the owner, so there's no confusion on who you're going to be working for and with. You're going to be the person in charge on a daily basis, making sure everyone works properly and the cider gets made. More research seems like the job description fits their way of thinking - very casual, very up front, and very social. They seem to be a "no holds barred" type of cidery - open to suggestion and striving to make a hell of a hard cider. I know hard cider is a fairly new hipster addition to the drinking craze, so this place has strong competition. Reading their blog and checking other pages on their website, the employees seem young enough to want to make things happen in ways that makes their Boston location quite excellent. The central hub of everything needed to accomplish every set of goals they can imagine. I think that the only other place they could have done this, would be in New York, but they would get lost in the city. Boston (and its suburbs) is becoming a boom town for breweries and cideries.

I wish I was up in New England; I'd give the cider a try... just to say "the place wrote a job description that made me research them and want to try their wares... and it was [enter positive or negative remark here]".

With the sun beaming in my eyes, it is with much haste that I shorten this post. Thus, I give you picture proof of the job description so my dear readers can choose their own adventure in whatever life brings you today.