Tuesday, February 14, 2017

If all the world were under his heels

It's Valentine's Day
© 2013 
David Bowie
from the album The Next Day

Yes, it's Valentine's Day. It's like any other day around here. I had to be at work, and one of the things I did today was set up a room that has a 180° view of the ocean. This room had a specific brand of up lights at 8 different columns around the panoramic window (I can't link to the exact model of lights in Amazon, because it doesn't seem to exist on the site). All in red. Had this been a dinner event instead of of a luncheon, I would have taken pictures to prove the All Hearts Day meal took place (because you know it's "picture proof or it didn't happen"). I will take pictures at the next time I set up lights for this room; I guarantee I'll make good on it.

So, it being the day for lovers, I don't have any plans after I write this. (Un)Lucky me? Save on candy and cards? Who knows; one day my answer may change...

Maybe today is a good time to revisit a pair of jazz musicians that try to escape the South Side (Chicago) mob in the 1929 St Valentine's Day Massacre (for a movie made in 1959, it plays on a lot of "What ifs" at points. Nice nod, Wilder). Considering this is one of my "go to" / "favorite" movies, I've got to (re)start my tradition of watching it on Valentine's Day. I used to have the soundtrack playing when I was at school; I'd start my morning with it before classes, and let it softly run in my room when I'm not there. I was leaving my laptop on anyway - might as well let people think I was there... no one bothered me as it was... people were too busy in their own worlds. Things happen.

As I type this and think of it, the really cool thing I wish I could do, in a perfect world mind you, is a simple matter of not having a Vizio TV in my room. I'd have a nice theater room to watch movies in... nothing spectacular, though. We're talking a general basement / den; not a lap of luxury refurb you do when you've got money. I'd have a projector on a coffee table from whatever throw distance I'm looking for (yes, facing a white wall), attached to whatever streaming device I want (whether it's a DVD player or an actual streamer. I don't know how one of the HDMI sticks would fare in an HDMI port into the projector, but I'm certain it could work). Attach some sort of surround sound for audio out, and I'm good to go. All I need is comfortable furniture and I won't leave my house!

(Note to self: Next slow day at work, see if you can replicate any of this with the work equipment)

Although, truth be told, in today's ever changing technological world, the power of projection is in your hands. Literally. The once massive powerful heating optical devices have become Polly sized and can fit in your pocket (bug out bag, purse, etc). Attach that to your phone somehow, and you're showing your family the new video you shot (before posting to social networks). Long gone are the days when people gathered around some sort of screen (or white sheet on the wall), set up the Kodak or Bell & Howell, and let the group "ooh" and "ahh" over static images (let alone, put some wax on the turntable for background music). Craziness is the simple fact it's all done in one program... to the point a 4 year old probably edited it.

Now that I'm working more in the AV field, I'm meeting with clients who are bringing in their own projectors and renting our screens. The most popular projectors are from the Epson line and a small cube like projector, that is rather cheap in concept because it's hard to focus it on a large screen. You need to tilt it in such a way, as it's connected to your source, that it makes video casting troublesome. That's one of the things I definitely wouldn't recommend - unless it comes with tripod stand legs. Even then, it's not so hot to keep standing.

Outside of that, beggars can't be choosers. "I guess I have to survive" with my TV, DVD player (which is used on occasion now) and Roku 3. Until I can move and upgrade my equipment (and house) the way I want, all that I am using is sufficient enough.

Ramble over; TV on, cue some 1920s hi-jinks.

Cheers (and don't worry, nobody's perfect);

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