Saturday, February 18, 2017

I think I need more friends

...and some sort of studio.

As I mentioned the other day, "in a perfect world", I would want a low key home theatre in my basement. By happenstance, yesterday I was thinking that the other thing I would like would be some sort of video editing / photography suite. Something to create videos in and then to be able to edit them. It doesn't have to be some place I own; maybe I can rent a building space or something. For the amount of work I want to do, it's not necessary to get financially invested in a building or even monthly rent. I would just need working space to produce the video (floor space, lights, cameras, backdrops, etc) and then a room to edit the video. I don't want to have a desk in the same room because I might want to utilize the entire space for whatever I'm working on. Outside of the space needed and all the equipment, I'm thinking the main thing I would really need is some sort of faux hardwood floor - something that resembles a good dance floor without the hassle of constantly dealing with a real one. Sometimes the fake looks better than the original. In total, after all said and done, we're talking maybe a week's worth of time and a couple times a year. I wouldn't need anything for more than a combined total of a month. More reason it's not worth investing in a building... the reward isn't worth the risk because I'm not looking to sell my finished product; all I want is to do something fun with my friends for a few days.

I guess being out of the photography studios for over a year, I "didn't realize what good I had" now that it's gone, simply based on the ease of ability in using my last employer's equipment. How many times did I run into her studio from my desk, take a quick couple photos with whatever background was left up, and run back to my editing in the blink of an eye? It's all about learning what you can do in a literal flash.

Why am I bringing this all up? I've been listening revisiting David Bowie's The Next Day this week and one of the latter songs on the album, Dancing Out In Space, made me think of wanting a studio. Had I more friends here (with dancing abilities), I'd create some sort of music video for the song. I've got fun, creative and willing friends, but they're all a straight 22 hour drive and 1500 miles away, at the very least. As the Poland Spring radio advert used to say "you can't get there from here". Especially since it's a long drive away. Doesn't make my wanting a studio helpful if I have to go to them, and because they all have kids (sans my favorite ginger.. even though he keeps telling me he wants some), I wouldn't want my friends to have to pick up their rugrats and drive here. Unless the in-laws would be willing to watch the babies for a few days. But knowing my friends' in-laws, it can be questionable. Haha.

I don't want to sit here and give all my secrets to this video away (I Can't Give Everything Away), because secrets still have to be be kept hidden until they can be talked about, but just being able to think and plan is worth something, right? The experience I've had in prior work will follow me through the rest of my life; it's all relative and a matter of how I utilize my skills going forward in whatever I do. Dreamers can dream and doers do... I have to figure out how to manage both!


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