Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Happy Day after Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is stuffed to the feathers and enjoying their day of shopping, sports games and family time. I, myself,  spent last night with family. Pictures will probably be coming next month due to me not owning a digital camera. But c'est la vie, no?

At any rate, I was shopping at the grocery store this morning, and I went down an aisle to see Chicken Breast in a can. I have a camera phone, so of course, I had to snag a photo. So here, in all it's tinny goodness, Hormel's Chicken Breast in a can!


And actually, there were several different kinds - dark meat, white meat, and a mix of both. Surprisingly, next to the canned shrimp too. I did not buy it; seems like a weird thing to do.

The other thing is this:  A Dark chocolate Santa with a white beard. Yea, it's most likely mass produced, but even my more creative chef friends would mix it up a bit!

I welcome thoughts... please comment on whether you think these are cool or interesting things! Let me know.

So for now, I bid everyone adieu and go finish getting stuffed!