Saturday, November 27, 2010

If you could only see how blue her eyes could be

When she says ... When she says she loves me.

I found Tonic's "If You Could Only See" video. Anyone else remember this song from 1996 and is brought back to a more naive rock? Call it my age, my generation, but holy hell... I completely forgot how much I love this song!  Man, those were the days when I will openly admit I dug the 90s music scene. It's music like this, that led Emerson Hart to have such a hit 2007 solo album! Dude knows how to kick it, that's for sure. We all want to bash that era - hell, I loathe what came out of the 80s (minus the Wilburys), but emo kids can thank alt rock and grunge for making the 90s cool. Bring back Tonic, Jane's Addiction (though they're still going strong. Woop woop), Everclear, 311, Better Than Ezra, Less Than Jake, Blind Melon, Gin Blossoms, and every thing else in between! Long live decent rock from "my generation". Screw this new pop shit!

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