Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time to test the conspiracy theorem of 2012

Happy New Year. It's 2012 and we're supposed to be seeing flying cars, hovercrafts and all sorts of transporters, no?

Well, this year brings on the time space continuum that needs to be tested: Conspiracies. According to numerous theorists, we're going to die by some sort of mother nature or science hazard. As in: tsunamis, earthquakes, winter freezes...all across the board, comets and asteroids flying into the planet and destroying it, mass suicide or just plain old death. From what I've read, I can only deduce the fact that it's going to be the real live version of a mash between The Day After Tomorrow and 2012. Pretty much the culmination of the two, times ten. Maybe Al Gore is right: global warming will kick our ass if we're not careful. But then again, who's Al Gore to say it's specifically "us"? The animals of the world contribute, by not as much as humans, but they still factor into the equation... No?

At any rate, it's still early into January first, and we've got a whole 364 days to test out the whack jobs' mutterings. Question is, who's making the Kool Aid this time?