Monday, May 7, 2012

Where were you last night?

Nicked a Traveling Wilburys line, but it still is the same theme. Sue me. LOL.

Lately, when I've been getting out of work, between 10:30 and 11 o clock at night, I've been finding myself watching foreign music videos on Youtube. Songs get stuck in my head during my meek hours at the store and I end up finding the video online. Suggested videos come next, including translated ones. 

For exampleMort Shuman, La dernier dance pour moi has become a rotated favourite of mine. I love the version on the American Queer As Folk, but I also love the song, in general. 

Did you know that Mort was one of the writers of this song? I didn't until I researched it further. Sure, the Drifters and Ben E King sang and ran with it, but who knew what the original thought process or writer was? Doc Pomus had the idea to say this to his wife, because he was in a wheelchair at their wedding (due to polio), so he wanted to make sure she saved the last dance for him... that she can dance with whom ever she pleases, but he wants the last one. Pretty sweet of him, no? 

Another big song I've been singing lately (rather humming along, since I don't speak the language yet) has been  Vasco Rossi Eh...giĆ . Roughly translated, it means "Already". Interesting concept, once it's translated. Il Blasco just states that he's still hanging out and he's up for a challange - "in quattro parole
io sono ancora qua"..  or, "in four words I'm still here". 

Just the beat alone is pretty nifty - Juanes, Regalito. The concept is he "has a gift" he wants to share with his girlfriend, but is unsure she'll accept it. He knows she'll love it, too. It ends up being him, as a whole, as a person. 

Shows what happens when I stay up all night. I listen to weird rock songs... but I say give it a try. Listen to music during the day and see what you like.