Friday, May 11, 2012

Woot! Only took 15 years!

Watch, now that I say this, things will change and come Christmas, I'll get crap again.

As mentioned previously, I have gotten the odd gifts from family members. Whether that be a watch that's too fruity for me (and one I can't tell time on), or just a note card saying "Happy Birthday!", I finally get something I can use: a check!

Since my birthday is in 2 days, I've been getting the "what do you want for your birthday" questions. I reply I want nothing, but sometimes, someone's mail slips in with an unwanted item. This current round of gifts surprised me. The part of the family famous for re-gifting, actually sent money. Now, I have two choices: bank it, or use it to buy the last book in the Crepsley saga. Odds are, I'll cash it and book it. I did have to laugh, though. The card says "Congratulations!" on the front, and the inside reads "So happy for you!". Handwritten side note = "On your birthday - almost 30 - 1 more year." Uhm... yea. I need to be congratulated because I survived 28 years (29 come Sunday) with this family, and come next year, I can say I survived 30 with them!

Who knows. Could be a positively negative way on wishing me a happy birthday, or just a friendly way to say hello. Either situation could work, but I'm just glad I finally get something I can use.