Thursday, May 31, 2012

Must be a slow news day

Okay, we all know Yahoo! is not immune to providing old news or articles that are completely irrelevant, that you wonder why on earth you just read it, let alone why was it posted.

Well, the Brockton Enterprise is slow on the uptake. They posted an article today about an incident that happened in December.

The article states that a six year old Middlboro boy wrote a note to his school that would excuse him from going to the local after school program with the YMCA. Instead, he would be going home. It was in the typical child form - misspelled words, scribbles, magic marker and finger paint paper. Apparently, it was so elaborately done, that the secretary in the elementary school not only believed the child, but called an old phone number to reach the parent. She also wrote on the note it had been accepted.

Now, the mother is taking action. She wrote on her Facebook how bad the school system is, for allowing this to happen. She has no plans to file a lawsuit, but wants the process of releasing the children resolved. She had no idea her son was not at the Y until they called her looking for him. Because the school didn't update their files, the number that was called, was invalid. Therefore, the mother was furious her child was missing. Come to find out, he was at a neighbor's house and enjoying a snack.

Hello! Why do you post on Facebook about something serious as this? Yes, the more people who can share it, the better, but you don't slam a school system on a social network. Write a letter to the paper. Talk to local news stations. Work with the school to rectify their mistake. Don't go online and just end it with Facebook... of all places! That's why things like this happen. You leave it on a system where you're more likely to get laughed at then helped. I mean, from my point of view, it's more comical that you reach out and want to pick a fight via a social network, than go to local places to get people involved. It may change people's ideas on how their schools act, but who really will use your message and start a revolution? Best to go small and local, than start national, in some cases.

Shakes head at current state of affairs....