Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stop me if you've heard this before

Again, I've a few songs on Pete and rePete in my head. Every couple of days, Roy 'The Boy' Orbison starts growling, guitar soloing, and then Blue Bayou goes round and round.

I've been singing it all bloody day.

I can tell you one of the "first" times I heard the song, although I most likely knew of it and heard of it prior, it really hit me while watching Dreamcatcher. The movie is from 2003, based on the 2001 Stephen King book.  I don't want to create spoilers for those who haven't read the book nor watched the movie, but Orbison's song is given quite the respect in the movie. It's one of those pivotal tracks that stays with the characters. Needless to say, it stayed with me as well.

Like I said, I have heard the song before, but never made the correlation. Sometimes it just takes a brief moment in personal history to make you realise what is going on. Now, 9 years later, Blue Bayou has been an ever increasing popular song in my head. Considering the track was written and released 49 years ago, Roy's vocal arrangements make it seem new. Then again, all his songs have that "this was released when?" feel.

The other day, I was actually looking up some information, and I read that his wife, Barbara, died 23 years to the day, that he did (December 6, 1988, December 6, 2011). You can't plan that. Honestly.

At any rate, good musician, good song: