Friday, December 21, 2012

Hit the deck!

What is it, two more hours before the world is supposed to end?

Today is the Mayan prediction of comets, meteors and asteroids. Fire and brimstone. Rape and pillaging. Tsunamis and snow and rain and earthquakes and any other bull spit you want to believe about Earth going *poof*.

I was on a social site earlier, and someone commented how they didn't see alot of panicking in the streets today, as people did for the Y2K disaster. No bomb shelter raids, no empty super market shelves. Nothing. I commented that the difference between today and the year 2000, is the simple fact that the world is going to be obliterated by something, so people feel the need to not have to make extravagant purchases, fearing no power and hooligans running rampant for days. Point was taken.

In all honesty, it's just like any other day. People wake up, they turn on their coffee pot, they brush their teeth, comb their hair. Drink the coffee, shower, get ready for work and come home to their family afterwards. They'll go to sleep tonight, after watching various media events, bellies full of meals and entertainment. Tomorrow, they'll wake up to start spending the weekend doing chores or fun stuff. And we'll all be alive, Unlike all the movies made to make us scared that New York is going to drown under tidal waves or a snow so bad is going to cover the city, that Lady Liberty can't even dig her way out. Perhaps California will finally quake itself off the continent and drift to sea, becoming its own country. Who knows, but science fiction geeks will have more to talk about as the weeks progress; how the nerds at NASA were wrong or the Mayans didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

The only interesting factor will be if we get a Rockin New Years Eve... I don't want Ryan Seacrest, but god damn, some one has to put something out to match Dick Clark's nights... can we use the aura from tonight and resurrect him?