Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make a wish

Tomorrow is December 12. At this point, we all know our numbers and what it means. At 12:12:12am, on 12-12-12, it will spawn a new day of conspiracies and spiritual theorem. At 12:12:12pm, it will allow only 12 more hours of the day, before everyone can stop going bat shit crazy over the fact "you never see this".

Yes, we've seen it. for the past 11 years, it's happened. 01-01-01 all the way to 11-11-11. This year just so happens to be extra special because one, it marks the end of the same consecutive number for a while, and two, we happen to be in another "zomg! we're all gonna die!" year. Like the Y2K disaster, people are on edge that the Mayans may be right. Maybe the scientists and the astro-projectionists are right too. Something is going to hit us on the 21st, and we're all gonna die. Or half the world will die. Something ominous is approaching, and speculations say it don't look pretty. However, as oddly enough as it is, it's another "12" day. 12-21-12. Just some backassward day, where maybe Jesus will rise up for real, the Messiah will finally come for the Jews, and any other religion looking for a god, will come a little early.

Please, please, please, don't take that out of context. I'm not trying to be religious on anyone, nor am I poking fun. I'm just voicing an opinion as to how crazy talk can get over the years. Like history has shown, there have been plenty of "wise (wo)men" writing against the grain and predicting various events. Therefore, this particular year, is one of those times where people have been trying to debunk the myths. Will an asteroid finally hit us? Will one giant sinkhole open up and swallow us whole? Will the air we breath suffocate us, the second we rise? Who knows.

My suggestion is to keep doing your holiday shopping. Pray to your deities. Love your family. Do what comes naturally and dance naked.