Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Being a former Masshole, I must make a post.

Yesterday was a sad day for Boston. During the Marathon, some crazy fuck(s) decided to bomb the finish lines. In trash bins. At one point, there were two explosions and there were two more allegedly planted. A handful are dead, hundreds severely injured, and there is still no suspect.

"It's like a war zone" there, the vast majority are commenting. Others are comparing it to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, places constantly bombing each other. This is no "terrorist" act as of yet. Since it's still fresh, people are too confused as to the why's, how's and so forth. Still trying to figure out how many people are still in need of help. They are looking for a "hooded figure wearing all black" with a "rental van". This person, according to some of the reports, was seen carrying two large duffel bags. The Feds raided several places last night and there has been no report on the outcome yet.

I honestly can't speak for any and everything, as I don't know much about what's going on. Although it's been in the news, I haven't really sat down to take it all in. It's the same report every two minutes, so when I can, I'll get more information. I know my family and friends are safe, and my thoughts are with everyone else. Bostonians are resilient. They will find the asshole and work this out. May who ever did this, be damned for all eternity by whatever they pray to.