Sunday, April 28, 2013

...and you gotta let it go...

Throwback Sunday!

I'm trolling Amazon today, because I have a couple credits on the site. I can't figure out what I want, and then I start singing Strangefolk. You know.. one of the 90s folk jam band hippy groups. Came along the same side of the radio dial as Phish (although the swimming band has been out since 1983).

I'm showing my age here, and I don't care. It was good to be a bit jammy. That's how I got through high school some days - hanging out with the alt and folk kids, passing around a walkman (amongst other things) and kicking a hacky sack. We were living our parents' Woodstock at one point.

You can't find the albums around anymore, and if you do, they're retail price. Lore is 18 years old, for crying out loud. $15.99 isn't bad, considering Amazon has an mp3 download for half that. I'm really thinking of getting it. But there goes my credit and I'm stuck not having the other ones (although I do have A Great Long While on disc), Lore makes me reminisce about the times I had it on tape because I copied it from my cousin's original tape. I no longer have that copy and he doesn't either, as he threw out all his music in order to buy MP3s. Seriously. He threw them out. I had asked him, about a year ago if he still had them. He said no, and gave the trash reason. I, on the other hand, don't have it because I gave it karmic justice and passed my copy on to someone else. That's what you did in the mid 90s... right? Copy tape to tape and share the love? We owned the mix tape and the share tape... downloading music onto a computer and ripping to CD - what the hell is that? ;-)

Really.. honestly.... if there's one jam band (besides Phish) from the 90s you must buy an album of, Strangefolk would be that band. And hey, they're both University of Vermont alum!  And yes, I have to support that northern state... it was a neighbor of mine....

Links for hashing out some glory days: