Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What time is "7:!0"?

Can someone help me tell time, please? I know I can't do analogue clocks, but at least I'm trying to learn. I just don't understand what 7:!0 is. Is there a way to explain this?

I was perusing the links I got in an email from a sports network site, and came across a job fair (sorry, they don't call it fairs anymore... they call it) Networking Event for the Miami Marlins. It has all the necessary information - who, what, where, why, and "gimme your damn money and you get a ticket into the game. I don't care if you don't want to go, you just want to network, you still have to pay!". They also included a peculiar start time for the game: 7:!0pm. Right in the "What?" description, the time is off. But in the "When?", the time says 7:10.

Can someone please re read their descriptions before it's posted, please??? It's bad enough that these things can be costly to some folks (considering the price can jump to $82 [or more] for certain teams, and that's not even including processing fees from the ticket venue. One team said $55 would get you in, but after a $16 external site charge, it wasn't the price originally quoted), especially if they don't want to go to a game.

Trust me, the one time I actually paid to go to one of these events, there were a lot of people saying they didn't want to stay and watch the match; they were only there to talk to people. And no one was hiring either. The vendors didn't really want to take information from the people, only doling out paper applications or recommending the business' site to apply.

So, it just begs the question of "why????". Why make people pay to go to a network event if they don't want to go to a game afterwards? Give them the option to pay when they get there, if that's something that interests them. Forcing someone to pay for something they don't want is ridiculous.

Plus, the other issues with these events: The fact this website freely calls it a "network event and not a career fair". They want you to not "bring a resume, but plenty of business cards to hand out", although, if you're unemployed (or under employed), where are you going to get business cards to print out? When I worked part time, even full time at some places, I never got a business card for that place! So a resume is a quicker thing to have, if you think about it, because this is a career fair. You're talking to businesses about a job. Sure, you're networking with that one company, but odds are, they've sent a minion to do the dirty work of sitting there for an hour.

That's the problem too - it's only an hour. When I went to the one that was sponsored by the New England Revolution, you waited an hour in line to talk to the head sales weasel, and he was explaining he was there because it's his department they need people in! There were other companies there - Celtics, The Globe, Bruins, ecc. But people flocked to the table that was hosting. Needless to say, the people who wanted to talk to other vendors didn't get the opportunity because they didn't want to lose their place in the Revs line.

This "network event!" model is screwed up. Gone are the days when it was free to go to an event (and it was called a career fair), and people took time to talk to you. It was a set time, but it was usually four hours. They may have not been looking for applicants, but you walked away after 15 minutes with them, feeling good about having just "networked". You got their card. You got insight. You were inspired to keep trudging through the wasteland of job applications. You didn't have to worry where that money was going to come from, to pay for an hour, and feel guilty about having to stay for a game. It was an option then. Now, people are greedy and hungry for things that aren't thought through....


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