Saturday, November 15, 2014


Can we please have a few days to breathe, before Christmas starts?

Right from the last sale of the Halloween costumes and candy, stores were packing that stuff up and displaying Christmas Items. Swear to anything beyond logic and means, a few of my local retailers were boxing up all things spooky on November 1 and setting up early Jesus items.

Why can't we have Thanksgiving first? Must we delve right into the birth of a carpenter before we learn the Pilgrims might have made a mistake by landing in Massachusetts? I thought JHC was born in December, not November.

But what gets me more upset is the fact radio stations start playing poppy, hoppy, praise him in the snow while singing about sleigh bell rides and chestnuts music, 24/7. I think I heard Santa Baby twice yesterday, on the same station, just a mere 2 hours apart. Once by Eartha Kitt, and then by Kellie Pickler.

It's all the same, really. There comes a point where the tracks melt right into each other. Just once, do I want to hear John Lennon telling me that war is over, solely on the last week of the year and only on the last week of the year. I do like that song, and I'm not knocking the politically rebellious Beatle, but the wife's yodeling drives me straight batty. Plus, it's hard to imagine a winter wonderland when you go to bed looking at this every night:

All three pictures taken this week - November 10 to the 15th, 2014, with the third picture taken specifically to add to this post.  I am at a point in the Sunshine State where the coldest it can get is 60 degrees some nights. Although lately, it has hit a bone chilling 45 degrees - considered below freezing for some natives. I don't mind, although my blood is starting to thin out from being here. Either I'm hanging out with too many geriatrics, or I'm getting too cold easily. Hailing originally from shoe city - Brockton, Massachusetts, I'd rather deal with wearing socks and long sleeves right now, than having to had scraped off a dusting of snow last week. New Englanders woke up with snow one morning, and everyone got scared - signs of an early winter has steadfast approached, and no one has really been prepared. Not to be confused with fogmageddon the other day, but I must say this image is creepy as hell.

At any rate, whatever is celebrated between now and the end of the year, this won't be my last post. Let it be an early "merry festivus for the rest of us" and I'll see you all at some point in the next few weeks. Don't party too hard...


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