Thursday, November 27, 2014

The power of technology

I was at a friend's for turkey dinner and got to thinking:

Most people these days have upgraded their poor dumb phones (the flip phones) into smart phones (the tablet style flat bricks that can do everything but sometimes make an actual call). In the process, the user has become poor, as the new bells and whistles phone is way more expensive than it needs to be.

As with everything these days, newer technology comes new advantages in "do it yourself" photography. Proof in point: The Square Jellyfish brand of tripods and mounts easily fit on to existing tripods or on their own pocket sized ones. I like it because yes, I have an iPhone 5. Yes, it's pretty easy to just grab something as tiny as the mount and tripod, but, it honestly doesn't give me the same satisfaction as a normal camera and stand. Grab and go / convenience has replaced the lugging around of back packs and trunks full of gear. Call me old school in my ways, but nothing beats the ordeal of setting everything up and making an impatient family gathering turn into a pretty swell picture. Sure, the new phones take great moments in history, but I still like to be able to hook my Canon EOS Rebel T3 to a basic tripod and shoot away. There are pros and cons to the whole setup, and nothing is ever immune to the swaying of the positive and negative gauntlet. To play nicely with everyone and appease the masses (my family and friends... group photos, etc) I've got the Square Jellyfish products in a snack baggie in my Case Logic TBC-307 SLR Camera Backpack, as they really don't take up any more room than stashing them in your pants pocket for easy travel. Trust me, I've just taken the Ziploc baggie to events where my DSLR would be too cumbersome. All the more reason that in certain situations, these little guys kinda rule photography right now.


I used the same DSLR camera for this morning's posts and I shall continue to use it until it completely dies (I hope not). I read somewhere that there is a rumor it is already a discontinued model, so I shall be forced to upgrade to something more stylish and fashionable, I suppose. More "oomph" and money for what I really want, but this T3 does the trick for me.

There wouldn't be a post if there weren't pictures to prove it:

Basic Kodak tripod
Square Jellyfish mount
iPhone 5

Lamp close up from the use of a macro kit

Cheers & enjoy the turkey;

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