Thursday, November 27, 2014

Not a cloud in sight...

While everyone is scouring the internet for Black Friday deals, I'm sitting at home, taking pictures of the beautiful morning we're having in sunny Florida. There is not a cloud in the sky (unless you could the lazy two that decided to leave now for their turkey feasts), and it's a balmy 52 degrees out. Warm by New England standards, cold by Floridans. Just like the meme "Floridians be like 'its 65 degrees; get out the winter coat!'", it is hoodie weather right now, but it should warm up by the time we all start eating.

I was working with my Fotodiox Canon EOS Macro Extension last night, and although I'm still relatively trying to learn, I got a nifty little snapshot of a tearing guitar string. I know it's still a little blurry, but I wasn't fully set up - no tripod, no shutter release remote, nothing. It was just a quick "I haven't done anything macro lately, lemme play while my guitar is out". Out of the few I took, this seems cool: 

As great as having a day off on a holiday is, I'm like many other Americans currently employed. I have to go to work tomorrow. Lucky for me, my business closed today (big grin). Don't mistake it though - I have worked retail in the past where my single shift turned into a double on turkey day, and then I had to turn right back around the next afternoon and beat the lines for the Friday sale. No rest for the weary, but people are suckers for a percentage off their items. I've got to work tomorrow, yes, but I really doubt people are going to come shop where I am, so I'm hoping all will be quiet on the western front. You never know, however, so I'm prepared, regardless. Hopefully I'll get to sneak out at some point for my coffee.

Yes, I like my coffee.. but when there's a Dunks every 20 minutes, it is hard to get a decent cup of joe. For a state that loves its North East snowbirds, there needs to be more Dunkin Donuts down here. You hear this, Canton? Please bring more Dunkies down to Florida. I'm not a big fan of the Seattle chain... As a former Masshole (once a Masshole, always a Masshole), I run on Dunkin, and it'd be wicked pissah for more convenient locations! Thanks!!

At any rate, for the people up north - stay safe (thousands are alleged with out power right now), stay warm and remember, someone out there is thinking of you!