Saturday, October 1, 2016

First political post of the season!

I would really like it to be my last, as well; but sometimes jumping the gun can lead to some apology emails (my cookiegate friends know what I'm talking about).

Lately, I've been not-so-involved in the whole politics of the world debate, which a lot of people are up in arms and into these days. Since I haven't been hanging around a certain conspiracy theorist (Hi, Dante), I've pretty much stopped taking in anything relating to the American government, as well as anything relating to the world government. Bad on me, I know, but I do have some knowledge of what's going on, even though I prefer to stay away from it all. I don't voice any opinions on / about anyone, but I hear what friends and family are saying. I don't necessarily agree to all of it, but I also don't appreciate the negativity about what's going on. I still have my opinions on situations and part of me still grasps on to some conspiracies, but primarily (and essentially), I've stopped caring. People I know have been verbally assaulting each other on where they stand in the spectrum of truths and the finger pointing is a little childish. Yes, the fecal matter is starting to hit the rotating blades and the room will not smell so much like roses soon, but we're going on a different path in our economics. Some people are for one thing, some are against, others are still trying to make up their minds.

All in all, they say "history repeats itself", right? To me, it seems like we're getting to that point again... and it's scary.

I was at the gym yesterday (not a known gym... just the gym in my complex), and some wonderful gym rat had left the TVs on, full blast, with Fox News airing its wares. I know it was someone in the morning crew, and I have a feeling I know who it was, as a group of elliptical riders love focusing on the right wing vomit that comes out of this particular station (since when is Kennedy on this channel? I remember when she was an Mtv VJ [wow, I aged myself]). Mid morning crew watches CNN... a station that, if anything, I would prefer to watch over the opposing right. However, since I haven't been following any opinion on the news outlets,there was something being talked about at the time I was in the gym and it caught my attention (sorry the image is slightly fuzzy.. I was on the treadmill and had to zoom in to the TV).

- FOX NEWS September 30, 2016
(Don't mind that creeper)

According to whatever poll Faux News ran, they concluded that "70%" of the people they polled believe "the 2016 race has brought out the worst in people". This, my friends, is something for you to screen cap, as I'm going to admit that it's one thing I have to agree with.

Yes, without even knowing what was being talked about or the frame of reference (I had my headphones on, blaring KoRn Follow The Leader(I seriously miss that shirt), I saw that blurb and had to take a picture of it. From the experiences I've had with the circles I have, they are all of mixed views, and like I stated, have been fighting with each other, when they normally are a little more peaceful.

There has been a definite shift in attitudes since a certain businessman decided to join the DC circus. The bottom of the pot stirring that this candidate likes to do, in all their negativity, has magically made followers join in the hatred. The people I know who love him, have the same closed mindedness as he does now, and it's a shame because he's going to throw this country down a rabbit hole that nobody has seen in decades. However, that's not to say that the other side is a saint; it's just that her followers seem to be a little more lenient in some cases.

I truthfully can't delve in to a lot of issues here, as I don't have all the answers and don't want to sway people's opinions (nor do I want any trash flinging on my site). I feel that all the negativity currently going on in this world is sad, as there are far worse things to focus on, than to bad name someone in order to make yourself look good, or lie about technology. Everyone has a hidden agenda, and that can of worms will be open before we can blink our eyes.

Take care of yourselves... "The Truth Is Out There"...


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