Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Money, it's a gas"

Everyone's looking for a quick buck these days, as people are either starting their own online businesses or referring other people to places. I'm no stranger to it, as I've got links to Amazon,, Pinterest, and Yelp (among others). But when my friends come looking to me for referrals for them, I'm always willing to help (but please visit my links).

Therefore, I would very much appreciate my dear readers, if you check out an Etsy Shop entitled WickedWreathShop. It's run by a highly creative user named DecoMommy. She is the sister of one of my close friends, and would love to have some sales on her wreaths*. She's got quite the enthusiastic touch in making seasonal wall decor, and I am definitely going to be emailing some people tonight about it. The holidays are almost here, and I am sure my friends would love to hang one of the wreaths in their house for the season (or year round. Some of my friends are oddballs, but I don't knock it). The best thing about this? Ms. DecoMommy is new to Etsy and is currently having a sale on her wreaths (through 10/21 according to her Facebook). Because of that, I would suggest grabbing them while you can, as I'm sure they'll sell out quickly. If the current list prices are correct, they are ranging between $20 and $30, which is actually a pretty good deal, considering they are one of a kind so "no two will be identical".

So what are you waiting for? Go help a friend!


*No, I am not getting any points, payment or anything of that nature. My friend asked me to "spread the word" about the shop, and I told her I would.