Sunday, October 30, 2016

Look out my window, what do I see?

(Not) A crack in the sky and (not) a hand reaching down to me.
(revamped "Oh! You Pretty Things" lyrics by David Bowie)

I suddenly looked out my window to see a type of scarecrow staring back at me. It's a child friendly scarecrow, as there are little kids always roaming my neighborhood. I know... tomorrow is Halloween, and yes, the people across the street have decorated the communal bushes three weeks ago; but this is the first time I'm sitting at my computer and staring outside. It's been cool enough during the day that we can shut the air off and open the windows (finally).

The delay has also been due to actually having solid enough work this month - I spent the early part of October driving back and forth on I-75 to other parts of America's Wang. Because of that, I didn't get much time "to play" on the computer lately (or make blog posts). I guess it can be seen as a good thing, as "idle hands" and all that.. but I have to say, during the summer,  I ended up binging on way too many shows (like I'm officially caught up with Breaking Bad. It took almost 2 weeks in August with a new Netflix account... I was able to watch the entire series in one shot. Yay for owning a Roku 3!).  Currently I need a break from rotting my brain with fake reality TV.


On the plus side, I've also been reading "a lot" more too (aka "the bad side of having down time at work" mixed with the "I have to finish this chapter during dinner; sorry"). I'm almost done with Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away by Jennette Fulda. It's her second book but it's not so much a follow-up from her 2008 novel entitled Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir. Chocolate & Vicodin is about everything she had to entail for over a year with regards to a chronic headache. She literally saw every type of doctor known to man, and no one could help alleviate any of the pain / pressure in her head. She had been gearing up to do a book tour of Half-Assed when everything started happening at once.

The first book is all about how Fulda lost over 150 pounds by plain old diet and exercise. In the second book, she not only started a new job, but she was starting a book tour, and this headache needed to go away. Because of the constant head drama, she was starting to gain pieces back of what she lost, and she didn't want to seem like a hypocrite. She didn't want to talk about the benefits of losing so much weight, when the power of persuasion and the ease of "eating the pain away" would make her look like a fool. So the headache had to head out.

Like I said, I'm almost done reading it. It is interesting because everyone has problems, whether it be disease, disorders, weight, life, or a case of the "whatevers". This shows that sometimes "shit happens you really can't explain".

To round everything back up to my original post, I'm concluding with two pictures. I used a Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Zoom Lens on a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera. I've linked to various Halloween videos on Youtube (places that I had to do errands in, where they set up ghost towns early). These were shot with an Iphone 5S and edited on Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate (*unless otherwise noted).

Until I can come type some more...


Pictures or it didn't happen:

Videos of early spooky celebrating:

***Scary ("spooky") shenanigans not to be confused with Gerry Leonard. :-D ***

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