Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I'm so high it makes my brain whirl"

"Dropped my cell phone down below"
© David Bowie,  Lazarus, ★, 2016

I may not have dropped my cell phone, but I was able to take some photos on my way out of work tonight. For wintering in America's Wang, it's still slightly humid out, and just as buggy. The holidays aren't the same with palm trees and Christmas lights, but I guess the sun photos sure look nice?

All photos were taken on an iPhone 5S and "sharpened" up in Photoshop CS5. I just wish I had my Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera in place of my iPhone. Being able to quickly pull out my phone and snap a photo is nice, but nothing beats a real camera, truth be told.

Yes, I'm still working on CS5; why upgrade when this one still works? (knock on wood) It is serving its purpose and I'm learning something every day on it, when I can.

Much like when I was talking to my bosses today about using Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate Suite and Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. One of the guys wants to start getting into video editing (he's a fanboy of a certain YouTube vlogger out of New York), but needs a new computer before he can dive into anything special. I suggested trying one of the programs on the computer he has, so he's comfortable enough with it, and then he can install it on whatever new computer he buys. That way, once he starts making super hero movies, he knows what kind of processing speed and memory he needs to work with. His problem is it's a really old notebook and is on its last leg. So doing any type of editing is not so hot, and makes my "just test out a program" theory kind of moot.

The programs I alternate between are Pinnacle 18 and a really old version of PowerDirector Ultra (to which I can't even link to on Amazon because it's not there). Honestly, I'm finding myself using Pinnacle more often then not lately. Although, if push comes to shove, I can use either program equally the same. I just happened to have recently learned how to embed the titles into a video in Pinnacle a couple months ago (see some previous posts with video added, as well as recent YouTube videos). So plus 1 for that, on the learning level.  :-D

If anyone has any suggestions for a new computer that won't break the bank but can be used to edit videos and do blogs / vlogs, let me know and I'll pass on the information..


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