Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Jump on board..."

"...Take a ride..."
Sing When You're Winning
 © Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue 

I have a sixteen year old song going on in my head, and it's by two very bubblegummy pop singers. Each have their own fame and they got together to make sure the world knows that the kids are alright. Some band once said it a few decades ago, but the times they are a changin' and the changing isn't free

However, one thing that has changed, is it's a little colder this week. It's been in the 50s to wake up to, and warms up to about 70-80 degrees during the day. No humidity, no worry; just some long pants and a t-shirt. Maybe a hoodie if you're out early enough. 

Today is no exception. It's the day of the Turkey, and I wanted to post some pictures before I went out and dined with friends and family (and maybe have no time to upload later. We'll see if I remember). It's not so big of a day; kind of quiet for 1pm.  But if you're going out tonight for the Black Friday store deals, bring a jacket and keep warm. If you're waiting for Cyber Monday deals, wear your underwear in your bedroom all day. I won't tell anyone. :-D

Outside of it being quiet and kind of warm, the clouds are looking a bit snowy, but I've yet to see snow down here in God's Waiting Room... it's too warm, regardless of it hitting 45 degrees one night! I will always say the same thing, each and every holiday I am in America's Wang: It is not the Christmas Season with a palm tree and no snow. There is nothing like the first snow of the year (of which my friends on the North Shore are telling me they had flurries this past week), and there's nothing like the smell of a pine tree next to a warm fire in the dead of winter. Am I a little nostalgic for past and not present? Maybe, but until Hell freezes over, I will always have my pictures...

Until next time...


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