Thursday, March 8, 2012

How do you say #DUH, professionally?

I was given a printout from a newspaper the other day, about a job fair one of the (variant) Chamber of Commerce committees are holding in a few weeks. I went onto the site and got a hold of who will be at the event. I proceeded to email some of them, that I knew I was qualified for.

Seeing how my entire resume says MA (Massachusetts), I'm currently in a triangle of sorts with why I am writing this.

One of the jobs I sent my information to, responded back to me today. I figured there were no openings, but it was worth a shot. But it begs the question as to why someone will be there at the job fair. Oh, I know. To get interns for college credit. But this is not the point. Read the screen cap. (I edited the major stuff out and sorry it's a tiny jpeg)

So I was tempted to write back to the apology saying it's not a problem, but still... it's weird. What I wanted to say in the original response was that I am not a permanent resident; I'm going back to Detroit once the Tigers leave, but since I don't live in Michigan, I guess I'm not following them.

At any rate, I gotta get to my job...