Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is from an HR source?

It seems like all I do is talk about job stuff on here lately. Trust me, it's easier to find some wrongs with employment opportunity postings, than fixing AP copy.

At any rate, I received an email from an HR representative with a video production position that I applied to a few weeks ago. Now, I know that all these responses are normally canned emails, but when they are written so poorly, it makes me question how many responses they get a day, that there's such bad spelling.

We have received your resume iin response to our posting for a Video Prodcuer/Editor, and will be in touch with you if your skills and background are a match for our position.
Thank you for your interested in USA Water Polo, Inc, and we wish you great success in your job search!
Best Regards,
Human Resources

Erm, "[...]iin response to our posting[...]" ? Misspell one. 
"Thank you for your interested in [...]" Word usage! Yes, I was interested in the job, but my interest now relies in finding something else. 

It's a wonder why people still have jobs, with the way emails are written...