Friday, March 2, 2012

Why does this make news?

I love reading random news stories; especially when Yahoo snags it form certain affiliates (in this case NBC).

I was reading the tech story, Vigilante jamming cell phone calls on city buses to help preserve peace and quiet (which in itself is a long ass headline), and had a "WTF" moment.

There's a paragraph that states:
 "If caught and prosecuted, Eric could face a $16,000 fine as well as jail time. After learning of the consequences, he has agreed to get rid of the device" 

If caught?? NBC Philly bloody got him on camera, owning up to using the device! He had it in his hand, and showed them how to use it! I would have been like, uh, please step into my car. We're going on a ride. The fact that they let him slide and although he agreed to get rid of his device, caAn't NBC be held accountable for letting him go? Come on, this makes as much sense as a ten cent nickel!