Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OMG, this is AP??

I thought that particular sports job site was bad. Uh uh! I thought wrong!

Of course, Associated Press never really pays attention to their covering stories, so why the hell should they pay attention to their job postings? I logged in today, because I received an email for a job I may be interested in. Sure, I'm batting one thousand in actually getting an interview by them. What the hell. Yea, no wonder I am unqualified. I can spell.

Proof in point:

"Do you have experience developing stories using mutimedia?" Muti-who?  Smutty media? Sure! I can develop porn stories! Mutty media? Like dog related stories? Ok, my cousin has the cutest toy poodle. I'll hang out with him for a story!

Seriously. These job sites need to check their postings before hitting send / enter. Yet, I question why I can't get a job, or that I'm working a shit retail job for 7.61 an hour and get more stress from it, than satisfaction.