Sunday, September 30, 2012

How do you pronounce...?

Captchas are becoming more evident these days, as hackers are ruining our internet "freedom". In order for a business site to see if you're human, you have to enter in two randomised words into a box. Normally, they are just letters strung together, not making sense. Sometimes you get an actual word, most times you don't.

I went applying to another job last night. This job site had me do a captcha in order to complete my application.

My words?

It's anal annual! Or, an annual anal? Yes, "esanal annual" were the right combinations for me to get thru to the other side.

But how pervy can we be? I know it's not my dirty mind, because other sites that rely on this device, their random letters have formed "pee", "ape", "m8y", "sht" and a slew of others that I used to have screen caps of. Too bad I disposed of them...