Thursday, September 27, 2012

My landlord says "no"

I've been applying to and looking at jobs lately. I figured, "What the hell". One never knows where they will end up, and I honestly don't plan on staying here for ever.

That being said, I didn't know Dish Network bought Blockbuster.  I also didn't realise there were Blockbuster stores still open. On a whim, I applied to a few of them. The interesting part of the whole process? The question and answers on the application. In particular: "If hired at Blockbuster is there anything that would prevent you from becoming a DISH subscriber?" yes or no.

 Erm, not unless my landlord is against hooking the satellite to the house. Or my condo / complex doesn't allow it. Although I am neither for nor against this service, wouldn't becoming a member be dependent on where you live, and if it's allowed? What if you are in a community that has a contract with a competitor, and if you choose not to use the competitor, you pay a higher rate? Or, you live in an apartment, and the landlord doesn't want his property filled with dishes for whatever reason? So you're screwed out a job because you can't become a subscriber?

I'd have to find a place to live, where I can have the ability to have a satellite attached to my house, I guess. I don't want to not get a job because the place I live in, doesn't accept it. That would be discrimination, in a sense, wouldn't it? You may be fully qualified for the job, but due to the fact you have something hindering this little piece of the application process, you can not proceed and work. I would think that being a member wouldn't deter a job away. It may be an advantage - you at least know what Dish is, what they offer and can enroll people in it, but you shouldn't be turned away because something won't allow you to subscribe.