Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Move or face my beeping

It seems like people are in a rush these days. However, a rush to go where, is the question at hand.

Twice in less than a week, I was stopped at a red light, and got beeped at. I didn't realise it's the law now to turn right on red, no matter what.

On Saturday, I was stopped at the light at my complex. I was on my way to work, so it wasn't like a weekday rush hour. However, some (older) man comes speeding through the gate and had to quickly jump on his brakes to not hit me. I also moved up a few inches to avoid a rear end accident. I swear to hell, that if I didn't move, and if no one was paying attention, the guy would have hit me. He easily was going 40 mph in the 50 feet from the gate to the light. So there I am, wondering what's his fire, when he starts giving me the "come on, move it, toots!" hand signals. The light was still red, and I didn't feel like moving. I was trying to judge the oncoming traffic, as I would be turning right into it. As I notice the hand signals in my mirrors, all of a sudden, he starts laying on the horn. Yea, buddy, I got your point with the bird you shot me a second ago. The light turns green and I go. He speeds up behind me, and then gets into another lane, just to give me the "what the fuck, asshole?" look, and speeds off.

Monday, something similar happens. This time, I'm on my way home from work. I turned down one street, and a car with 2 young guys turned on the road just as I passed them. They literally rode in my trunk until we hit the red light they wanted to turn right on. I didn't turn like they wanted because this was another corner where traffic is hard to judge. So I'm getting looks and laughs, beeps a plenty. Light turns green, I turn. They speed to pass me and cut me off, because apparently, we were going to the same place. My complex. So they didn't have a residence pass, and I did. They went into the guest lane to get buzzed in, and as I passed them in the right lane to go through the gates, I got the dirtiest of looks from both kids. I swear one of them even took a picture of my plates. I passed them in the gate, they get buzzed in, and as I'm nearing the stop sign to take a right, they fly like a bat out of hell, to ride in my trunk again. I take the right, they follow suit, and when I needed to take a turn, they sped up and I saw in my mirror that they had slowed down to see what house I would turn in to. Like they're going to find my car and what? Beat me up? Break my windows open? Guess what; there are other cars in my complex that are the same exact model as mine. Good luck finding my car, shit heads.

So yeah, it's the law to now take a right on a red light. It's illegal to do otherwise.